Chicagos Shadow

Training Simulation
Chaper 1

Results of training simulation A-78/GP

Objective: Recovery of valuable data and agent extraction

Lethal force authorised.

Agents Bravo-Alpha-Sixty-Seven, & Bravo-Charlie-Twelve present.
Bravo-Delta-Fifty-Two suffered allergic reaction to sedative and fell into a coma, recommend immediate recycling of medical technician assigned to monitor the agent.

Limited resources allocated, minor compensation provided to assist with loss of team member.

Tuesday July 14th 2011

Agents arrive at surveillance point for Holkham Hall

Agents disguise themselves as ARM – System repair men. Using subterfuge they distract the gate guard and steal the daily pass-code

Using stolen pass the agents enter the Hall

Agents have located the main operator room, they use their technical knowledge to give them an understanding of the layout of the house.

Agents deposit a remote access trojan and leave

Agents return to surveillance truck

Wednesday July 15th 2011

Having used the trojan programme to give them full access to the security systems the agents make a detailed map of the patrol routes of the security team and plot positions of the cameras.

Using a carefully disguised van, the agents drive up the entrance of the hall and once again bluff their way past whilst stealing the daily code.

Under the pretence of repairing the surveillance system the agents smuggle a code cracker up to the top floor of the building, where they suspect the required information to be.
However they raise a degree of suspicion from a guard they failed to meet the previous day.

Using relationships already cemented the previous day the agents cajole a dim witted sleeper into revealing the location of not only the required information but also the backup copies.
They are forced to subdue the sleeper when he becomes agitated.

They begin to recover the information from the PC.
Agents show noticeable concern about the condition of the room, they act cautiously and with purpose taking note of their surroundings including a dubious collection of ash in the darkened dilapidated room.

The agents struggle to bypass the password, however they eventually reveal the password to be “antfrm”
Suspicion has been raised by the lack of radio response from the unconscious sleeper, and the agents are unsuccessful as they attempt to bluffed their way out of the situation.

Taking urgent action the agents decide to stage an accident with the unconscious sleeper, however the limp body slips agents Bravo-Charlie-Twelve fingers and his head hits the ground and splits open.
A security guard comes to investigate the lack of response.

Taking the second security guard by surprise the agents manage to use information they gathered the previous day as leverage to bribe the man into keeping quite and the agents slip out the house without raising the alarm.

The agents encounter a cop at the entrance of the grounds, investigating suspicions raised by a security guard, they manage to bluff the cop into thinking the suspects are still back at the house and the cop hurries away, as the guard waves them off.

Stopped by a police cruiser due to supposed malfunctioning tail-light, a simple bride solves the problem.

Mission successful at 10:40am Wednesday July 15th 2015

Agent fatalities 0
Agent serious injuries 0

Sleeper fatalities 0
Sleeper serious injuries 1

Recommend immediate assignment to active status and C.A.K.E


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