Hayley Smyth

If it ain't broke then leave it be.


Seemly always dressed in her navy blue jumpsuit Hayley is a mechanic extraordinaire. She talks with a soft southern accent, and constantly sweeps her aurban hair back from her face as it cascades over her shoulders.
Her eyes sparkle brilliantly in the florescent glow of the overheat lights and a soft warm smile creeps across her youthful face as she greets you.


She is well respected among the Cell as she seems able to fix almost any mechanical problem, however she does tend to get rather attached to her charges and as such hates to see them damaged.
Her thrist for knowledge is endless and she asks a lot of questions

Has been offered promotion many times but is happy in the workshop, hates to leave the workshop when she has so much work to do.

Was born a twin, but lost her brother at a very young age, her father was a brutal drunk and killed Hayleys mother, this triggered her awakening.

Hayley Smyth

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