Damian Winters

Cross him and lose your most valuable asset - your funding!


Age: 24.

Gender: Male.

Height: 5’9”

Build: Average

Nationality: British.

Marital Status: Single.

Religion: Atheist.

Profession: Currently, Disbursements intern.

Damian Alexander Winters was born into a fairly well-to-do family which had made its money through various ventures; this background stood him in good stead for most of his early life. At public school, several of the ‘old money’ children derided him as unworthy, but he soon formed a clique of his very own through his knack for negotiation and smart comebacks. He and his friends stayed in contact after leaving for university, where Damian studied Business and Politics, graduating with a fairly high grade. He was fortunate enough to land himself a fast-track position with the Civil Service, more specifically the Treasury Department. His time as an intern there showed him a great deal about politicking; however, he was eventually recognised by a superior who had attended his school, and found his internship terminated due to sheer malicious gossip spread about him and his past.

Just when it seemed things had hit rock bottom, Damian was offered a position with someone calling himself a “friend of the family”; with that, Damian was plunged headfirst into the world of the Syndicate, the financial arm of the Technocracy. He has spent the past year and a half learning the ways of Disbursements, accompanying various managers in a paid internship which has blown his previous one completely away. Damian is always looking for an opportunity to impress his superiors, as he does not intend for his internship to continue indefinitely.


Damian is loyal to those who are loyal to him, and woe betide any who cross him. He learned the value of allies and friends from his time in public school, and therefore likes to have contacts anywhere he can get them. That being said, it is very rare for Damian to actually relax around someone. He always tries to maintain a self-assured attitude around others, especially if they are other members of the Technocracy. Damian is incredibly impressed with what he has seen of the Technocracy, and although he doesn’t yet fully understand the mission of the organisation, he has no problem doing what he can to carry it out successfully. After all, the Technocracy gave him a chance that he sorely needed. However, he is always cautious about the fact that he lost a position once due to others, and he has no intention of having history repeat itself.

When not learning all he can about the Technocratic power structure, Damian enjoys a fairly varied range of activites. He has started taking firearms lessons to help defend himself in emergencies, but otherwise he prefers to relax with the broadsheet newspapers or a good book. Damian also enjoys a good movie, but has no specific favourite genre; he is currently building a DVD library of Oscar winning films. Very occasionally he gets to play tennis, but not as often as he would like. He is also hoping that the Technocracy will be able to hook him up with a decent car, as at the moment he refuses to get one which might not fit the image he is trying to project.

Current Status:

Damian hasn’t spoken to his parents since he lost the internship at the Treasury, as his father rather bluntly informed him that he had ruined his own life by losing the position. Damian quickly came to realise that the Syndicate recruiter wasn’t a family friend, but at this stage he really doesn’t care that much. He has been wise and put away as much money as possible ‘just in case’, although he knows that if he lost the internship with Disbursements he would probably wind up dead due to his knowledge of the Technocracy. His work with Disbursements has given him a look at the other Conventions of the Technocracy, and he is trying to befriend people in as many areas of the organisation as he can; networking always pays off, as far as he is concerned.


Damian always tries to “dress to impress”, preferring a collarless shirt to a shirt-and-tie. He has also developed a habit of wearing shades which he takes off when trying to prove a point or make an important statement. He deliberately keeps his black hair short so that he doesn’t have to worry about ‘bad hair days’. Damian is now also attempting to perfect an intense gaze for when he takes off his shades; to this end, he spends a few minutes per day staring into his own amber eyes in the mirror each day. When relaxing, Damian prefers to wear slacks and a T-shirt, but of course it is rare for people to see him in this apparel.

Damian Winters

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