The Journey Begins

You sit in the custom Boeing 747, the cabin has been modified to offer a business class level of comfort, the seats grouped together in fours, allowing entire training teams to sit together.

You are sat in one of twelve sections, yours reads “Section B”, which co-insides with your teams training codename B12. Sat in section B with you are your team-mates which you have been training with since your induction into the Technocracy, until now you not been allowed to share your real names instead going by the training code names Bravo-Alpha-Sixty-Seven, Bravo-Charlie-Twelve and Bravo-Delta-Fifty-Two.

Each area has its own plasma screen showing an endless stream of Technocracy approved, and no doubt manufactured, movies, TV shows and commercials. In the centre of the sections sits a large glass topped table, sprawled across each table are the remains of a thoroughly delicious high class meal chosen from what seemed to be an almost endless menu.

The cabin is awash with the babbling of excited recruits, each section is situated far enough away from the others to allow a relative degree of privacy from eavesdroppers, suddenly the intercom bursts into life, the noise in the cabin immediately dissolves as the recruits await the message from the gruff voiced Pilot

“Attention Recruits, if you would kindly turn your attention to the Screens in front of you, we have an incoming message from Chicago”

As the captains voice trails away the screens in front of each section becomes solid black, seconds later a message beings to type itself out in green lettering,

“Incoming Message – Access level Delta

Priory Level Two

Please enter password


Password Correct … Accessing Transport Communications … Please Wait

Attention all recruits

Let me be the first to congratulate you on passing basic training, you have all been hand chosen because your test results have shown you excel at your chosen field, the best of the best.

Now let me tell you at all the certificates and gold stars mean nothing in the field, you are about you enter the very frontiers of Technocracy territory, Chicago.

Until recently Chicago has been beyond the Technocracy’s reach, however recent turmoil among the Reality Deviants has allowed us to get a foot hold, and no matter how tenuous we intend to hold it at all costs, this is where you come in.

You are among 12 new teams of specialists drafted in to secure our hold on Chicago and expand our grip until we, and we alone, control the city.

Each of you has been assigned a team based on your skill sets, allowing for a balanced and complementary team, these teams are not negotiable, I care nothing for your squabbles and petty infighting, you have a job to do and you will damn well do it, whether you enjoy it or not is up to you.

Serve the Technocracy and me well and you will soon become a true Technocrat, this assignment could be your spring-board to great things, fail either me or the Technocracy and the Progenitors will have fresh materials to tinker with.

Know one thing, you are not Technocrats to me, you are nothing more than untested green horned recruits who will do nothing by fail me and the Technocracy!

You think I’m wrong? Well here is your chance to prove it. That meal you so heartily consumed was laced with a powerful sleeping drug, even now its effects will be taking hold.

Let this be your first lesson, trust in no-one but yourself.

When you awaken you will have a chance to prove me wrong, or then again maybe I’m right about you, either way you will serve the Technocracy in one capacity or another.

Regards General Grey”

Even as you read the final words you feel your vision blurring, eyelids heavy, you slump forward onto the table and fall unconscious.

Chicagos Shadow